Lee Hayward’s Muscle After 40 Blueprint
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The purpose of the Muscle After 40 Blueprint is to provide you with all the tools, tactics, strategies, and support that you need to build a lean muscular physique - and more importantly - maintain your results for life while enjoying the process!

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Customized Nutrition Plan, Weight Training & Cardio Workouts…

Muscle After 40 Customized Program

The foundation of your program will be a fully customized workout program and nutrition plan tailor made specifically for your goals, your body type, your schedule, food likes & dislikes, and your available exercise equipment.

I’ll be following along with your progress in real time and updating your program as often as needed, based on how your body responds. The goal here is to keep you constantly moving forward and making improvements each week towards reaching your fitness and fat loss goals.

Personal Account On The Muscle After 40 VIP Coaching App…

Muscle After 40 VIP Coaching AppThis is where you will track your workouts, log your meals, record your progress, measurements, and upload progress pictures, etc. All of the info you share to the app will be sent to me as well. So I’ll be able to follow along with your progress on my end and see what you’re doing in real time to help hold you accountable and follow through with your program.

The VIP coaching app is like having a personal trainer with you at all times in the gym, because everything that you need to do is outlined for you step-by-step. All the exercises, sets and reps are outlined for you. And there are video tutorials in the app showing how to do all the exercises. So if you’re not sure how to do a certain exercise – just click on it – and you’ll see a full video tutorial explaining exactly how to perform it.

We’ll do weekly check-ins through the VIP coaching app to evaluate your progress, track your results, and modify your program in real time as needed. By using the coaching app we’ll maintain an open flow of communication so I’ll know what’s going well, what areas you are struggling with, and what you need to focus on improving in the weeks ahead.

Access To The Precision Nutrition Program…

I’m a certified L1 Precision Nutrition Coach and L2 Master Health Coach and licensed to use their proven habit based system with my one-on-one coaching students. This will help you develop the proper mindset and “Inner Game” of living a lean healthy lifestyle.

The combination of the “How To” that you’ll get with the customized workouts and customized nutrition plan – combined with the “Inner Game” of the Precision Nutrition Habit and Lifestyle Coaching Program is an amazing combination for creating lasting change.

Most diet and exercise programs only focus on the tactics of counting calories, macros, sets, and reps – but few focus on re-programming your subconscious mind and building lasting habits so that you learn how to do the right things – automatically – without relying on conscious effort, motivation, and willpower.

This is the “missing link” for sustainable fitness and fat loss success. By mastering this habit based approach you’ll not only lose the fat and build lean muscle – but more importantly – you’ll be able to sustain your results for life without feeling like you are suffering it out on a diet.


Access To Our Private VIP Facebook Coaching Group…

Private VIP Facebook Group

To help support you in your fitness and fat loss journey you’ll get access to my Muscle After 40 VIP coaching Facebook Group. The members of this group are mature guys who are going through the coaching program with you. Most are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. So you’ll be in a group of like minded people who can help and support you along the way. I’m there on a daily basis chatting with the members, answering questions, and sharing tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

As a member of our Muscle After 40 VIP Facebook Group you’ll be able to ask questions about your fitness and nutrition program, get healthy recipes, meal prep tips, and advanced training strategies from guys who have already done what you want to achieve. Being part of a supportive community like this is an invaluable asset to achieving and maintaining your personal fitness and fat loss goals.

Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls & e-Mail Support with Lee Hayward…


Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls

As part of your coaching program you’ll be able to join me each week for a LIVE Zoom Coaching Call. During these calls we’ll discuss various topics related to helping you optimize your health, fitness, and fat loss progress. You’ll also get my personal email address where you can email me anytime you need help or have questions about your program.

The goal of these weekly calls is to help add that personalized touch and open flow of communication so you’ll have the tools, tactics, and support you need during your Muscle After 40 Journey.

During these coaching calls we will have a heart to heart conversation highlighting what’s going well, address areas of concern that you maybe struggling with, and answer any questions you have about training, nutrition, supplementation, HRT, testosterone, etc. to ensure you’re on the right track to making your Muscle After 40 fitness transformation a reality.

Muscle After 40 Program Pricing Options:

1 Month

$ 497 Month to Month.
(Cancel Anytime)

6 Months

$ 1988 Buy 4 months and
get 2 months Free.

12 Months

$ 2982 Buy 6 months and
get 6 months Free.
Best Value

NOTE: you can try it out by signing up for a 1 month program to see if this is a good fit for you. And then if you’d like to continue on with your coaching program, we can credit your first month’s payment towards one of the longer term coaching programs.


We have a Special Bonus for when you sign up for the 12 Month Coaching Program Package. Not only will you get the best value, but you’ll also receive a FREE Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook that is Jam Packed with quick and easy to follow Nutrition Strategies. This 247 page hardcopy cookbook contains hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes and meal ideas that your whole family will enjoy.

Free Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook!

I realize that this is a significant investment and it may be a big stretch for your budget. Because of that, we can offer an Affordable Payment Plan to fit your financial situation.

Please DON’T let lack of money stop you from achieving the body, health, and fitness that you deserve.

Part of being a good coach is to help you put things in perspective and prioritize what’s most important for you right now!

“Money Is Negotiable, But Your Health & Fitness Shouldn’t Be!”

You only get one body to go through life with – and unfortunately most people don’t appreciate their body and health until the damage is done and they’ve become a burden to their family.

You can be proactive and choose to invest in improving your health, fitness, and creating a better quality of life for you and your family right now – while you still can…


You can procrastinate, keep putting this off, and then be forced to spend your money on pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs later on down the road treating illness and deteriorating health issues. Unfortunately, most people choose the later and this is the most expensive and most painful option of all.

The majority of my coaching students are hard working family men. Guys who have spent most of their lives providing for everyone else – while putting their own needs on the back burner.

So, I understand if the thought of doing something for yourself is a big decision. Because of that we can set up an affordable zero interest installment plan to help you get started ASAP.

If you need financial assistance, please email me at: LeeH@LeeHayward.com and we can discuss a realistic action plan that’s right for you.  Please DON’T let lack of money stop you from achieving the body, health, and fitness that you deserve.

Life is too short to continue neglecting your health and fitness – take action now while you still can!

Frequently Asked Questions...

A: The truth is you will NEVER be ready…

There will always be challenges and you’ll always feel “too busy”.

But if you’re serious about making a change – you need to start sooner than later.

Unfortunately, most guys wait until it’s too late and the damage is done before they decide to make a change… It’s like a smoker who waits until they get lung cancer before they decide to quit.

If you keep procrastinating, your health & fitness is only going to get worse… It doesn’t magically get better on it’s own.

The Muscle After 40 Blueprint Coaching Program is designed for busy hard working family men. We’ll work with your schedule and plan out some basic action steps to get you moving in the right direction and take things one day at a time!

A: Yes…

Most of the guys who go through the program start as a beginner with Phase # 1 – The Metabolic Reboot.

Now with that being said, some of our students have worked out “On & Off” for years. However, most of the guys who come into the program are considered “beginners” based on their current physical shape and fitness level. Your individual program will be customized to your personal situation and fitness abilities.

A: No…

Most guys who go through this program are NOT looking to get on stage as a competitive bodybuilder. They simply want to be able to take their shirt off and feel confident in their own skin. While overcoming any health challenges such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and do so with a realistic and sustainable program that allows them to get in shape while still enjoying their life in the process.

A: Yes…
While most of the guys in the program are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s – we do have some younger guys in our group as well. So even if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s you can follow the Muscle After 40 Blueprint and get in your best shape.

Note: the younger you are, the better the program works!

A: Yes…
Most of the women who come on board with the Muscle After 40 Blueprint program usually do so as part of a husband and wife team – who join the program together to help support one another.

If you’re a couple who would like to get in shape together, we can discuss a couples program option that works for you.

A: You’ll get out of this program what you put into it. Even though I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have coached literally thousands of people. The process of building a lean muscular body takes hard work on your part. I can show you the way – but I can’t do the work for you.

You’ll be expected to pull your own weight and follow the program to the best of your ability. The most important thing is to keep in regular communication with me – your coach – through our weekly accountability check-ins and zoom calls. This is where I will help you to scale up (or scale back) your program as needed based on how your body is responding in real time.

A: If you’re looking to drop 30 pounds in 30 days or follow some extreme quick fix fad diet – Then I strongly urge you to look elsewhere… That’s NOT what we do here.

We focus on improving your health and fitness through better eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits. As a result you’ll lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy, and feel better as a natural by-product of living a better quality of life.

With that being said; some of our students have lost 100 pounds in 1 year. Others have achieved a body re-composition by losing fat while filling out their frame with lean muscle. And several have come off medication, lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, and shocked their doctors by the progress they’ve made.

Will you achieve similar results? Possibly…

But I really don’t know, because the results you get from the program will be in proportion to the effort YOU put into it.

A: Ideally you will have a gym membership. Most of my coaching students workout at a gym. 

But with that being said, some guys choose to workout from home and have made great gains with the program.

If you are going to workout from home you’ll need to have a good home gym set up with free weights (i.e. barbell, dumbbells, adjustable bench, cable pulley or weight machine, etc.)

Just like a carpenter needs the right tools to get the job done – you will need the right tools to build your body. 

No one has ever built a lean muscular body doing bicep curls with soup cans 😉

A:  The actual workout times can be customized to fit your schedule, your fitness goals, and how aggressive you want to progress with the program. But as a general rule – be prepared to workout 3 days per week for at least 45 minutes.

A: Travel, vacations, and restaurants are a normal part of life and we will “Humanize Your Fitness & Nutrition” by factoring these things into your coaching program.

We’ll show you how to make the best choices possible based on your given situation… Be that eating at restaurants, staying in hotels, visiting family, etc… 

You’ll learn how to handle these things without making a big deal of it and being socially awkward. 

No one wants to be “that guy” who’s on a restrictive diet and complaining about what he’s not allowed to eat!

A: Dealing with aches, pains, and injuries is part of the process… If you’re over 40 and haven’t had any pains yet – you’re the exception – not the rule!

The Muscle After 40 Blueprint Program is a lifestyle program designed with an older body in mind. So we will structure your workouts and modify the movements to factor in any past injuries, your mobility, and current fitness level.

A: If you’re going into this with thoughts of quitting before you even get started – then it’s probably best to just accept that this isn’t for you – and quit now.

In order to succeed in achieving a life changing health and fitness transformation you have to be totally committed to the process. Like Yoda said: “Do or Do Not There Is No Try”

But with that being said I understand that things can change. So, if you come on board with the program and for some reason it isn’t a good fit for you, or your life circumstances change, etc. 

We can cancel your program, issue a prorated refund, and part ways on good terms. I believe in treating people the way that I’d like to be treated. I’m not going to be an a-hole about it if you decide that this isn’t right for you. In fact, I’d respect you for being up front and honest with me.

A: We can accept Credit Card or PayPal. I can email you an invoice once you decide on the program option that you’d like to go with – OR – you can register for the program right now online, by clicking on the link below:

Join The Muscle After 40 Blueprint VIP Coaching Program.

A: Because the Muscle After 40 Blueprint is a fully customized program, we only enroll 2 new coaching students per week. Our main focus is on quality over quantity to ensure all our members get the personalized attention and service they deserve.

All coaching programs start on Monday. So you’ll need to email Lee directly in regards to when the next open date of enrollment is.

E-mail: Leeh@LeeHayward.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lee.hayward

And if you would like to discuss the program in more detail, you can schedule in for a Free Strategy Session Coaching Call with Lee to discuss the Muscle After 40 Blueprint, the different options that we have available, and see if this program will be a good fit for you – to book in for a Free Strategy Session Coaching Call – just visit the link below:


The goal of the Muscle After 40 Blueprint is to provide you with all the tools, tactics, strategies, and support that you need to build a lean muscular physique – and sustain your results over the long term – while still enjoying your life in the process!

To help you get a head start, watch the Video at the top of the page for a full behind the scenes tour of what the program is, what’s included, and how you can begin your Muscle After 40 Transformation ASAP!

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our flexible payment options, you can e-mail: Leeh@LeeHayward.com