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Lee Hayward is an online muscle building and fat loss coach who’s helped thousands of guys from all over the world transform their body and lives using non-gimmicky, no-hype methods that produce real lasting results.

He started working out back in 1990, started competing in bodybuilding in 1995, and then launched his first bodybuilding & fitness website in 1997.

Up until 2011 Lee was competing in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation, winning 15 trophies to his name, and he was coaching up and coming bodybuilders during this time.

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From Bodybuilder To Dad-Bod…

After I retired from competitive bodybuilding and approached the big 4-0… I realized just how cruel aging can be… Your body turns on a dime, and quits operating like it used to.

When I stopped competing in bodybuilding and became a father, I didn’t have endless time or energy to dedicate to 2+ hour long gym workouts, 6 days per week, plus doing cardio on top of that.

If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about, waking up to a crying baby at 2am doesn’t help your recovery… It’s not like I was purposely trying to get fat, but things started to add up…

Stuff like;
“I’m too tired to go to the gym today, I’ll go tomorrow…”


“I don’t feel like meal prepping… I’ll just order a pizza tonight, and get back on track tomorrow…”

But tomorrow would always get pushed back, and then I’d tell myself;

“I’ll start again on Monday…”

The cumulative effect of all these little decisions started to stack up. It eventually got to the point where I didn’t recognize the man looking back at me in the mirror…

I hit rock bottom, felt like garbage, and had enough… No More… This was it, I had to get my sh!t together and make some changes!

But this time around I took a very different approach, one that was more healthy and sustainable. I needed a way to get in shape that didn’t have me suffering through extreme starvation cutting diets or spending endless hours in the gym.

After all, I didn’t the time or energy for that, but I still wanted to get back in shape. So, instead of going hardcore – ALL or NOTHING… I focused on just being good enough, but good enough consistently… My new approach focused on implementing better habits and making small steady progress each day.

Instead of starving myself with extreme cutting diets, I focused on making better food choices. Instead of killing myself in the gym 6 days per week, I did 3 workouts per week and went for walks on my off days.

Long story short… within one year of following this new healthy lifestyle approach – I was able to totally transform my body, lose the gut, and gain muscle in the process… But more importantly, I’ve been able to stay lean and enjoy the process without feeling like I’m on a “diet”… Which is such an amazing feeling!

If you’re a busy dad and you don’t want to be fat anymore, then I might be able to help…

If you’re ready to “Start Again” for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of – without punishing yourself in the process – just fill out the application form below and we can schedule a free one-on-one strategy session call. During our call we’ll brainstorm some ideas and see if we can come up with a realistic action plan that’s right for you and your situation!